Dallas Basic Media Rooms

True Home automation used to be reserved for millionaires.

Basic Media Room Basic Media Room Basic Media Room Basic Media Room

Even a basic Dallas media room installation can be a complicated thing. A custom integrator is needed for EVERY home theater installation. Even when a room is “pre-wired” it may not be done correctly and products will need to be chosen and situations dealt with on a case by case basis. Only CE professionals study these trends and changes to the industry and can adapt.

Theater Advice has packages that start just under $5000 and for that you will get a basic media room package but with no surprises. You will get a great one remote solution, good picture quality, good audio quality, professional installation and calibration and instruction for use. We can give you a better experience than other companies can because of our depth in lines we carry and our unique ability to calibrate the audio and video to maximize your budget. Even most professionals in this industry have no clue how to calibrate a system.

Important information on upgrades. In this industry there is a steep slope up the upgrade hill. Meaning for every $2000 spent you can get many times the quality in both video and or Audio. Once you get to the end of the “Basic” media room pricing realm which is about $12,000 or so you start to plateau. So you then have to spend double the amount to start seeing or hearing differences. It is those small differences that you have to decide is worth it or not but we will be honest with you on that. My $12,000 media room clients are by far my happiest being they didn’t cut corners but didn’t break the bank either and have a system that is really better than a commercial theater in almost every way.

Along with your basic media room packages you can add design features such as columns, custom cabinetry, bars, curtains, acoustic panels, star ceilings etc. All can be handled by Theater Advice.

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