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Dallas Custom Media Room can mean different things to each person. Budgets are always asked for up front and considered. Realistic goals and quality requests are explained. A custom media room design can be something as simple as adding some columns to a room to give it a more theater feel. Custom media room to others can easily exceed the price of most expensive homes in one room. The following is a guide on what you can expect to pay for certain items in the custom home theater world and also a list of common design ideas.

Star Ceilings:

I get this call the most. People want star ceilings until they find out how much they are. A typical star field ceiling is in the $10 -$13k range and can add more to larger rooms and shooting stars etc. These ceilings are made from acoustic panels as well so they have more benefits than just looking good. The fiber optic stars do not give off enough light to hinder the picture quality but can add the most amazing effect while watching a movie.


Dallas Murals and art can be a great addition to a media room or Game room environment. They can be as simple as some scroll work for a classic look. It can range to night sky scenes with stars painted and night clouds by moonlight. Some nice up lighting can illuminate this scene when on a barrel or flat ceiling. Murals can also be used for a realistic effect which is my favorite. It can look like you are watching a movie outdoor on a vineyard in Italy. On the bridge of a starship or even in a scene of a movie. Murals usually cost about $400 a day for the artist and most can be completed in just a few days making it a quarter of the cost of star ceilings. So a nice alternative.

Custom Woodwork / Craftsmanship:

This is a huge category and we do something in this category in almost every room we do past $15,000 or so. It can be building a media credenza, media cabinet or screen cabinet. The room can be framed differently, arches on the wall, fancy crown molding, risers for seating, seating risers Dallas. Framed out walls for paneling and fabric walls. Everything can be built for the exact equipment that is going in the room. This is the biggest part of a real custom media room and the build out of the media room or Home Theater can get up to and into the Millions of dollars.


Carpet is more simple to explain but it is really required in a nice room to change out the builder grade carpet. You can do a nice tight burber design for around $40 per square yard installed or some nicer plush designs ranging from $50-90 per square yard installed. More will be added for risers etc for pattern matching.

Acoustic panels / Treatments:

This is a tricky Category. Many schools of thought here. Basically there are two says to go about room acoustics. The first is panels. These are panels made of different materials that are built to absorb sound in the room so all of the surfaces aren’t reflective. This can be good or bad. Depends on a lot of things. Placement is crucial and most people don’t know where they should go so you may hurt the rooms acoustics. But if placed correctly it can sound very good. The second way is what I call full tested room acoustics. This is where measurements are taken in the room with software and a detailed and very expensive plan is put into place to make the room acoustically perfect. This is a smaller version of what happens in studios and symphony halls. This is also much different because since you still need reflective surfaces there are three different types of panels used and they cover 100% of the rooms surface. Diffusion, Reflective and absorption panels are all used to create this experience and almost always covered in some fabric.


Media room curtains can be used in a variety of different ways. They can be used actually on the walls for a theater effect. Or they can be used to cover windows, black out curtains, motorized drapes and motorized black out shades Dallas all fill this category. A nice compliment to an opulent room and they can also be used to open up and reveal the screen like the theaters of old.

High End Audio / High End Video:

The term High End is thrown around too lightly. High end speakers and video is different to every person. I have had clients call me and ask for a “High End” systems but really wanted and could only afford basic and entry level. But that is high end to them when compared with the products found in some of the big stores. High end means only that it is so well built and extravagant that almost nobody hears or see’s the difference. But to those that do hear the difference it is worth every penny. High End audio can reach into the millions. However if you want to dabble in the high end world expect to pay in the $15,000 - $30.,000 range to get something considered high end by those that know what it is. And in a full custom room it is silly not to splurge on what really matters most when already spending so much on the aesthetics.

Theme Rooms:

Theme rooms are just that. And at Theater Advice we can design anything your mind can think of. We can use 3D renderings to put those dreams in front of you. You can be sitting on a pirate ship in the night sky or on a mountain looking down on the ruins. You can be commanding your own Enterprise bridge or Millennium Falcon. There is nothing at all we cannot do. Let Theater Advice design your theme theater.

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