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Dallas Area Lighting Control / Energy Savings

Lighting control for the home used to be reserved for the rich and the famous dimming lights and lighting scenes throughout the home changing by a touch of a button or even a voice command. Now Lighting control is very mainstream and affordable, although you will pay a pretty penny still for the voice command feature. You can save up to 60% of your lighting portion of your electricity bill with a properly designed and used lighting system.

Imagine coming home to a dark home when your spouse is out of town, not the safest environment to walk into trying to find a light switch. Now imagine coming home, hitting your "open garage" button and a sequence starts happening in your home turning on the lights you want to turn on, hallway, kitchen and living room. You walk in and hit the "home" button and a different scene happens lighting only the areas you will use upon entering the home, bathroom perhaps. All the lights in the home are defaulted to only raise to 50% when turned on saving energy all over the house. You can get into an entry level lighting control system controlling the most important rooms in the home for about $3000 or so not including some labor and an electrician, programming and if you are building you can include this into your electrical work up front and just have it programmed. You can save up to hundreds a month depending on the size of your home, add some safety and watch it start paying for itself over time.

Lighting Control Dallas

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