Prosper Media Room

Amazing Media Room McKinney

This is the crown jewel of Theater Advice and a sampling of all that we do and do well. This room was built for a retired Air Force Officer with a full Navy Blue and gold theme to match the branch of military colors and dress Blues. This client found me in the parking lot of a local grocery store, saw the pictures on my truck and just knew he found me for a reason. He had to leave for Afghanistan for two terms of 18 months each and wanted someone that could handle the task in his absence.

This room sounds like a symphony hall. 100% of the walls are acoustically treated with absorptive, reflective and diffusion panels behind the fabric. All speakers are hidden and or painted to match walls and ceilings. Full usable stage with 3 steps each and a huge 130" screen between two hand made gorgeous pillars and you will be hard pressed to even find the projector. Fiber optic star ceiling in the center of the room and stadium seating with a bar in the back for 4 stools of extra seating. Theater Seats 10 comfortably. Four zones of custom lighting all with a purpose, new carpet and Curtains over the two existing windows perfectly matched to the fabric on the walls. All commissioned, built by and designed by Theater Advice.

Equipment List -

  • Fiber optic star ceiling
  • JVC DILA projector
  • 130" Stewart Filmscreen 1.5 high gain because of size
  • Dali Speakers from Denmark
  • Velodyne DD10 Subwoofer