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A small sampling. We can customize any system to your budget and expectations


Enjoy the theater experience at home with a huge 110” projection screen. This theater features Klipsch Reference audio and an Epson Pro series 4K E-shift projector (free bulb and mount) and controlled with a universal remote. This includes a professional install for a pre-wired room. There is a lot of quality here for the money.


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This theater is the same great Klipsch Reference audio from package one but with added video quality with the upgrade to a custom hand built 120“ Slate screen from Screen Innovations giving you better contrast and color. Audio is upgraded to Dolby ATMOS 5.1.2. These are worthy upgrades to any theater package.


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This is our favorite one to sell simply because it hits a budget level that most people love but doesn’t fall short in performance. Here we add HUGE floor standing Reference speakers from Klipsch in Dolby ATMOS 5.1.2 and an Epson Pro 4K E-shift projector. This theater was designed to meet a budget but truly not compromise anywhere. It’s perfectly balanced in performance and budget.


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Now for the good stuff where we start getting into some real audio gear . This theater adds Audiophile grade speakers from Bower and Wilkins. Rock your room with clean tight musical sound from the Bower and Wilkins speakers and deep, perfect bass from JL audio …simply the best in subwoofers. The HUGE 133” Slate screen from Screen Innovations and 4K E-shift from Epson. This is a special system that has both Audio and Video upgrades that you won’t want to change for decades. You can even add an audiophile amp to the system to power the fronts if you want more power for your movies or music listening sessions. We thought of everything here to get you the best bang for the buck with luxury names.


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When you want your speakers to be "heard not seen" this is the system for you. And there is no video compromise when you use the Slate Acoustically Transparent screen. To do a system like this the right way isn't cheap, but worth it. The sound is projected from the screen just like the real theater. This is rounded off with Bowers and Wilkins high end audio and 4K Epson Pro Projection. Turn key as always. Come hear this system at the showroom.


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We are getting into some serious equipment now with a True Sony 4K projector… A leader in its class. The brand new 133” Zero Edge Pro screen from SI includes a voice-controlled IP Light kit from Philips HUE glowing behind the screen in any color your mood desires. The 7.2.2 (or 5.2.4) Dolby Atmos system gives you a full immersive 3-dimensional sound and dual subwoofers will give you thunderous bass. This is one of those systems your friends will be truly jealous of.


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This is the same video as package #5 with the 133” Zero Edge Pro Screen Innovations Slate and true Sony 4k projector. This is insanely good video that truly cannot be beat for under $50k and add true audiophile sound by Bower and Wilkins. This is the system in our Main Theater room at the showroom that we designed for us to play with. You need to come experience this room to understand why so many people get our showroom system. If you have the budget for this… you will want it.