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True Home automation used to be reserved for millionaires.

True Home automation used to be reserved for millionaires. A full system for a home controlling only HVAC (heating and air), lights, audio video systems and house music would cost $100k only a few years ago. Now a tenth of that can get you pretty far and even beyond what they were doing then. Now is the time to get into it.

Our Dallas home automation services have afforded area residents with the peace of mind that only comes from having full control over your household. Imagine coming home to a dark home when your spouse is out of town, not the safest environment to walk into trying to find a light switch. Now imagine coming home, hitting your "open garage" button and a sequence starts happening in your home turning on the lights you want to turn on, hallway, kitchen and living room. You walk in and hit the "home" button on a panel on the wall or your IPhone or IPad even and the house comes alive. Your TV comes on and turns on Sports Center. Lighting is set to only the rooms you use when getting home from work and to the level you like. You can even have a His and Hers home button so this is all different. Bachelor? Hit your romance button in your loft and soft music of choice comes on, Fireplace ignites and lighting on your wine bar illuminates your selection and soft lighting lights your path of choice when you have company. With a Smart Home the sky is the limit, but you can do quite a bit with a modest budget. Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation, and we will begin to tailor a Dallas home automation system to meet your needs.

Dallas Home Automation Solutions

  • Lighting control
  • HVAC control
  • iPad and iPhone control over your home
  • Whole House Music
  • Control of security system and integration
  • Pool control
  • Rain sensors on your watering system
  • And so much MORE!!

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